EU slammed over wrestling trade from GB with destabilising Brexit Protocol ploy

EU slammed by Redwood for 'wrestling trade' to Northern Ireland

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Brussels has been blasted over moves to “wrestle” Northern Irish trade away from Great Britain in what Sir John Redwood described as a “deliberate” interference in the UK internal market. Speaking on GB News the Conservative Brexiteer was damning of the EU’s handling of the trade dispute over the Irish sea border. Sir John argued that the constitutional balance of Northern Ireland needed to be “very balanced” and slammed Brussels for acting unilaterally.

Sir John told GB News: “I think in the case of Northern Ireland trade the situation is very serious.

“I think there is a deliberate attempt by the EU to wrestle trade from GB to Northern Ireland to turn it into EU to Northern Ireland trade.

“To face people with an impossible situation unless they start buying from the EU rather than from ourselves.

“And that is upsetting the Loyalist majority in Northern Ireland for understandable reasons.”

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“So it is destabilizing a very important constitutional settlement there that has to be very balanced for obvious reasons.

“So I am now saying to the Government you have got to take unilateral action.

“I think the action of the EU is unilateral and is questionably illegal.

“Because all of the agreement says they are going to respect our single market.”

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It came as Brussels was blasted for orchestrating a “territorial land grab” over Northern Ireland by prominent Unionist activist Jamie Bryson.

Mr Bryson told “The EU’s objective is to create an overarching economic and political union.

“I mean that is what the EU is all about.

“So they want to grab as much territory as they can and to subjugate it under their empire as it were.

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“That is the ultimate objective of the EU so they are trying to grab Northern Ireland within their orbit.”

He added: “Irish nationalism and the EU’s objective align.

“Because the Irish Government and Irish nationalists want to grab Northern Ireland because they want there to be a united Ireland.

“The European Union want to grab Northern Ireland because they want an empire as it were with open borders and economic, and political union.”

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