‘EU’s power is growing’ Deluded Rejoiners unveil fresh plot for United States of Europe

Brexit: UK campaign to rejoin 'not in EU's appetite' says expert

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The latest attempt at more integration in the European Union comes from the Volt Europa movement, a self-described pan-European progressive party. Rejoiners in the UK have already joined the group in the hope that Britain will resubmit itself to the EU’s shackles. The party of cross-country europhiles has released a comprehensive set of policies, including a foreign policy plan for the bloc to fully become a federalised state with its own EU army.

The deluded politicians claim the EU is “growing” as a powerful economic and defence force.

They argue such growing power will eventually prevent the EU from remaining a neutral contributor to international politics.

Their manifesto reads: “In the long term, Volt envisions the EU acting in a concerted effort on a global scale and, thereby, project its influence more effectively to further human rights, multilateralism and democratic values.

“In accordance with the time-relevance of this doctrine, the EU will be discussed as both a mediator and a major power.

“Ideally, the balance between these roles will shift over time.

“The EU is a rising global force; its growing power will eventually preclude it from being both a neutral problem solver and a pursuer of geopolitical self-interest.

“In considering the current state and/or lack of EU foreign and external policy, and in the context of Volt’s vision for the EU (EU Army, federalised governance, economic powerhouse, etc.), the dual raison d’être is

possible as part of a continuum.”

In the UK, Volt members are backing the Rejoin EU Party which will attempt to gain a seat in the London Assembly in May.

Despite Labour and the Tories dominating the London Assembly, Rejoin EU leader Richard Hewison claimed Brexit must be reversed.

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He told The London Economic: “Brexit just isn’t working.

“I am putting myself forward in this election because I feel, morally, no father can just stand by and watch the rights of their children being stripped away without taking action, and there just aren’t any other voices advocating for what is right in this election.”

Within the Assembly, Labour holds 12 seats, the Tories eight, Greens two, Brexit Alliance two and the Lib Dems one.

Although London voted overwhelmingly for Remain, it is unclear if the group will be able to break Labour’s grasp of the capital.

Indeed, with the local elections set to be held across the country on May 6, it is unlikely if the group will put forward any candidates for other seats.

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Although there have been some teething problems with the UK’s exit, some industry leaders have claimed it is now begun to settle down.

However, some groups in Northern Ireland are calling for the Northern Ireland protocol to be scrapped.

Designed to ease trade between the EU, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, pro-union groups claim it has left the country isolated.

With Northern Ireland following the EU’s single market rules and some customs arrangements, the DUP has warned the country has effectively been left behind.

On Wednesday, the UK took the decision to extend the grace period for goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

The grace period had been due to end in April but the UK has now moved to extend it to October.

The move sparked anger from the EU who accused Westminster of breaking the agreement between the two sides.

Vice-President of the EU Commission, Maros Sefcovic later held a call with Lord David Frost to discuss matters.

He warned the EU would take full legal action within the Trade and Cooperation Agreement to restore measures.

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