Fishing battles in British waters WILL erupt as French, Irish and Danish fleets pose risk

Brexit: Expert discusses ‘lack of clarity’ for fishermen

Liam Campling, Professor of International Business and Development at Queen Mary University, warned that confusion around the fishing rights agreed in the Brexit deal between the UK and EU could result in clashes. While speaking to, Professor Campling noted UK fishermen would likely be frustrated from the agreed deal. He claimed that lack of clarity regarding the fishing rights of specific areas of British waters will result in conflict.

He named the French, Irish and Danish boats as the most likely to clash with UK fishermen.

Professor Campling said: “The arrangements at the moment run the risk of not providing sufficient space to reduce conflict.

“In other words, because there is this gradual phase-out and because Brexit had been sold to British coastal communities as a solution to quite a bad deal for UK fishing, British fishers may find themselves extremely frustrated.

“In addition to the fact, this has not been resolved and the trade agreement contains within it a lot of fudges.

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“French fishermen, Danish and Irish may result in some clashes as a result of lack of coherence and clarity in the future relationship.”

Professor Campling reflected on the intricacies of the Brexit fishing deal and how it would likely result in conflict between the UK boats and other nations.

He said: “For example, if you look at the agreement itself it contains annexes…on fish you have a very gradual phase-out over time.

“You have the initial big phase-out, basically a replacement of EU quota by the UK’s, the UK taking more of the share.

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“Then it kind of gradually shifts over time over the five year period.

“That is for 76 species that are shared, or some kind of interaction within UK waters.

“You are talking about 76 different species and different parts of UK waters.

“Quite a lot of this is going to be shared with European boats so the possibility of conflict across these different areas is inevitably going to be high.”

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Despite the frustration felt by British fishermen over the transition period, Professor Campling warned against shortening it.

He said it could have “unknowable” negative economic impacts and put the EU in a stronger position.

He insisted if the UK shortened this period, the EU would be within their right to introduce tariffs on fishing goods.

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