FMQs LIVE: Wheres the cash, Nicola? Sturgeon under massive pressure over missing £70m

Nicola Sturgeon is 'living in cuckoo land' says Craig Hoy

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A council source told the Daily Record the Scottish Government has been given funding to pay for public sector bodies, but councils have not yet seen it.

All 32 local authority leaders signed a letter insisting funding was being cut by £371million and are due to meet with the First Minister this month.

The Sturgeon administration claims that the grant does not identify money for National Insurance contributions.


‘No provisions’ for NI hike

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities said the funding given to the Scottish Government makes “no provisions for the new burden” of the National Insurance increase.

A spokesperson said: “We know that the NHS in Scotland has been compensated by the Scottish Government for the increase in their National Insurance costs whilst Local Government has not.

“And unlike Councils in England and Wales, who have also been compensated for these, our costs will once again have to be taken from frontline services. We would ask why Scottish Local Government has been singled out for such unfair treatment on this specific issue?”

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