Former Labour activist-turned Tory MP takes law into own hands to stop travellers

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Lee Anderson filmed himself this week moving concrete blocks in place to prevent travellers from invading private and public land.

He told the Sunday Express that he expects new planning legislation in October will bring in powers for the police to confiscate caravans from illegal encampments.

He said: “That should stop them but until the law changes we need to protect our public spaces.

“I have raised it with Ashfield Council but they sit by and do nothing. Last year the place was identified as a five star holiday destination for the traveller community because it was so easy to access parks and land.”

He said that the clean up costs often runs into thousands of pounds each time a site is invaded.

“I felt I had to do something so I got a forklift truck and put some concrete blocks in place to stop them. That’s what the council should do.”

The 53-year-old Ashfield MP, who is a former coal miner and was a Labour and trade union activist, has become one of the leading figures in the new Blue Collar Conservative Movement founded by Esther McVey which stormed the Labour Red Wall seats in December.

Since the election Mr Anderson has wasted little time championing law and order, immigration control and Brexit, infuriating former allies on the Labour benches.

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