Furious Speaker loses patience with Sunak as Chancellor punished for Budget leaks

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Parliamentary etiquette means ministerial announcements are meant to be announced to MPs first.

However, ahead of tomorrow’s Budget, a series of announcements have been leaked from the Treasury to the press, causing anger and frustration both among MPs and the Speaker’s office.

Looking to punish the Chancellor, Sir Lindsay has granted Labour an urgent question in the Commons, aimed at being a nuisance for the Government.

Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson will ask Rishi Sunak for a statement explaining the details of everything that has been made public in advance of tomorrow.

While the Chancellor is not obliged to attend the Chamber himself, the Government must send someone to the Commons to respond to the question.

The statement will also push back the start of debates on other Government business.

Yesterday Sir Lindsay granted four urgent questions to make his point after a number of briefings about the Budget over the weekend.

He told MPs: “I’ve got to say, members are elected to this House to represent their constituents, those constituents quite rightly expect the MP to hear it first in order to be able to listen to what the Budget is about, but also for the days following that to be able to hold them to account.

“It’s not acceptable and the Government shouldn’t try to run roughshod over this House, it will not happen.”

After forcing the Government to respond to urgent questions yesterday, he said: “Hopefully a lesson may have been learnt. If not, we’ll continue with the same lessons.”

His decision to grant another urgent question today comes after more announcements from the Budget were made public overnight.

More to follow…

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