GB News: Ann Widdecombe calls on Zelensky to freeze NATO application for ceasefire

Ukraine: Ex-RAF chief says use of nuclear weapons is possible

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Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News the former Prisons Minister stated it was essential that any such agreement had a time limit or “sunset clause”. The former Strictly Come Dancing superstar also insisted that any agreement would need to include the withdrawal of Russian forces and Moscow renouncing any claim to rule Ukraine.

She said: “I don’t think they can say they won’t ever join NATO but if you look at the sheer practicalities of it they were already not being allowed to join NATO.

“It was feared they would import conflict into the alliance.

“One of the criteria by which NATO judges applications for membership is whether a state is going to come with ready made conflicts.

“So, they were already in trouble on that score anyway.

“You could say that by saying they will not prosecute an application to join NATO, for say 10 years, they’re not in practice giving up very much.

“Russia will claim that as a major victory, after all it was the principal reason, they gave apart from the silly Neo-Nazi stuff, for invading Ukraine; to prevent NATO pushing itself up against the Russian border.

“Providing there is a time limit, if you like a sunset clause, I see no reason at all why Zelensky shouldn’t do that.

“I’m pretty certain he would do that if there were to be not only a ceasefire but a complete withdrawal of Russian forces and a complete giving up on the Russian side of claims to rule Ukraine.

“That is essential, otherwise they may as well have not fought this war of independence.”

The comments come as President Zelensky acknowledged that Ukraine will not become a NATO member in a significant concession as shelling of Kyiv from Russian forces continues.

The Ukrainian capital has also imposed a 35-hour curfew from Tuesday evening in order to minimise civilian casualties.

Around half of the capital’s 3.5 million residents have fled with most of the remaining population spending their nights in the city’s metro stations

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However, the Polish, Czech and Slovakian Prime Ministers did make a surprise visit on Tuesday in a show of solidarity.

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