Going to go nuts! Boris on brink as Tory MPs plot to trigger confidence vote in DAYS

Techne UK’s Michela Morizzo provides newest polling results

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Sources have told Express.co.uk that rebel MPs believe they can reach the threshold of 53 letters to ask for a vote of confidence in Mr Johnson’s leadership by the end of the weekend. With revelations that Winchester MP Steve Brine and Rutland MP Alicia Kearns have handed in their letters the number publicly calling for the Prime Minister to go has reached 24, but Express.co.uk understands many more are planning on following suit.

Most concerning for MPs are polling figures which show they are heading for a clear defeat if Mr Johnson remains in charge.

The Techne UK/ Express tracker poll puts the Conservatives seven points behind Labour. 

According to the Electoral Calculus prediction website that would open the door for a Rejoiner Alliance of Labour and the Lib Dems to hold power and take Britain back into the EU with 321 seats for Labour and 15 for the Lib Dems while the Tories would lose 126.

A Yougov poll for the Times revealed that the Tories would lose 85 of their 88 marginal seats.

One party source with links to Downing Street insiders told Express.co.uk: “I think the polling will concentrate minds. Add the drip drip of letters.”

The source, who also has links to Northern Conservatives who are facing a wipeout, added: “If he [Boris] is stuck with, MPs are signing up to lose their jobs and for us all to be poorer.

“Do not be surprised if that polling means members are thinking about next steps.”

A leadership vote of confidence can be triggered if 53 Conservative MPs ask for one by writing a letter to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, which represents Tory MPs.

If in the subsequent vote a majority of MPs ask for a full leadership election then candidates can come forward.

A vote of confidence like this can only happen once every 12 months.

Another source said that the private message groups of MPs “is going nuts” and they are bracing themselves for more “even more damaging” Partygate pictures from Downing Street.

The source said: “There’s going to be a massive dump of even more damaging pictures. The MPs are crumbling. 

“This whole thing of red wine against walls, sick on the floor, cleaners and security staff being treated with disrespect. 

“It is absolutely abhorrent, it is not the Conservative way. We are decent, well mannered, kind people. We are being painted as a bunch of Tory toffs, which we are not.”

The source added that MPs fear angry Conservative voters “will sit on their backsides and Labour will romp home” in the next election.

The source, who has been in discussions with MPs, added: “There is momentum behind the threshold being reached [for letters to trigger a leadership vote]. Te private wires are going nuts and there is an orchestrated attempt [to remove him].

“Even elected colleagues who are very right of myself know it is time t move on.

“The threshold is going to get hit this weekend and then it is going to go nuts. The game is absolutely on.”


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One MP involved in the attempted coup last January said: “If only colleagues had listened to me when I said Boris had to go six months ago.

“Better late than never. It looks like it could happen this time.”

Phil Craig, a former BBC producer who tracked the fall of Margaret Thatcher for Panorama drew comparisons to the mood in the country.

He Tweeted: “This has a fall of Thatcher feel to it now. I was a producer in the Panorama that captured her final week. It was thrilling to travel the country with reporter Fred Emery and witness the Tory MPs peeling off one by one.”

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