I could not Jacob Rees Mogg blasts Rishi Sunaks stunning disloyalty towards Johnson

Jacob Rees-Mogg grilled on backing for Liz Truss by Burley

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Kay Burley grilled Brexit Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg over his willingness to serve under a potential Rishi Sunak premiership. The former Chancellor is one of the front-runners to replace Boris Johnson in Number 10 but Mr Rees-Mogg made clear he would have no role to play in a Rishi Sunak-led Government. 

Mr Rees-Mogg told Sky News: “I would remain a loyal backbencher whoever was elected.

“I believe in conservatism.”

Asked by Kay Burley if he would take up the offer of a Cabinet post from Mr Sunak, He replied: “No, of course, I wouldn’t.

“I believe his behaviour towards Boris Johnson has disloyalty means that I could not possibly support him, and he wouldn’t want me in his cabinet anyway.”

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He added: “I don’t think there’ll be any question of him wanting me in his cabinet, but I couldn’t support somebody who has been so disloyal to the current leader of the party.

“From inside cabinet, and that’s important. too, Tom Tugendhat and Jeremy Hint have behaved perfectly properly, they are entitled from outside cabinet to make it clear that they didn’t want Boris Johnson to continue as prime minister.

“Tha is a reasonable thing to do.

“But if you’re bound by collective responsibility, you should stick to that.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries back Liz Truss for PM

Mr Rees-Mogg and Ms Dorries, are high-profile backers of Liz Truss, and have led the attack on Mr Sunak’s campaign.

Brexit Opportunities Minister has said Ms Truss was “fiscally on the right side of the argument”, unlike Mr Sunak.

He told Sky News Ms Truss “opposed the endless tax rises of the former chancellor, which I think have been economically damaging, I also was opposed to (them) in Cabinet”.

“I think that’s important, that you have somebody who’s fiscally on the right side of the argument, who doesn’t believe that higher taxation is the right answer to every question,” he said.

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who abandoned his own leadership bid to back Mr Sunak, denied claims from Ms Dorries that the campaign had engaged in dirty tricks.

Ms Dorries accused the former chancellor’s team of using the “dark arts” following claims they tried to “siphon off” votes to ensure Jeremy Hunt cleared the threshold to enter the contest because they believed Mr Sunak would beat him in a run-off vote of party members.

“Simply, in this case it just didn’t happen,” Mr Shapps said.

“Jeremy Hunt himself has said everybody on his nomination paper is somebody who is very close to his campaign. So even he has rubbished it.”

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