‘It’s cheap – you know it!’ Brutal Liz Truss row EXPOSED after live husting clash

Liz Truss apologises for being 'mean about the media'

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Liz Truss was caught on a microphone apologising to TalkTV journalist Tom Newton Dunn at the end of Tuesday evening’s Conservative leadership debate in Darlington. As she hugged the host of the hustings at the end of the event, Ms Truss could be heard saying: “I am sorry I was mean about the media, Tom.”

As she hugged the host of the hustings at the end of the event, Ms Truss could be heard saying: “I am sorry I was mean about the media, Tom.”

Mr Newton Dunn could be heard to reply that the jibes were “cheap”  before adding “you know it!”

The Foreign Secretary accused “some of the media” of trying to “talk our country down” during the event in Darlington, and accused journalists of framing questions in a “left-wing way”.

It came after Mr Newton Dunn asked the South West Norfolk MP about her plans to help people with rising energy bills using tax cuts, when he mentioned “your handouts” as he sought to pose a question.

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Ms Truss interrupted, saying: “They are not giveaways Tom. This is people’s money, but this is the problem with the way that every question is framed.”

She added: “You’re framing it in a left-wing way, Tom. I’m afraid the whole media does this all the time… it drives me mad.”

Ms Truss was later asked if Boris Johnson’s downfall as Prime Minister was of his own making, or someone else’s.

Some audience members shouted out saying it was the “media”.

Truss and Sunak take part in Tory leadership hustings

Ms Truss said: “Sounds like you’re being blamed Tom and, you know, who am I to disagree with this excellent audience?”

Asked to clarify her view, she outlined that she was a “loyal Cabinet minister”, but did not directly answer the question, saying “what is done is done and we are where we are”.

Later, talking about spending commitments and her plans, Ms Truss said: “I believe in Britain, unlike some of the media who choose to talk our country down.

The staging of the fifth Tory hustings convinced around one-third of the audience who they should back to become the next prime minister, according to a show of hands.

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Opening the event, the Talk TV presenter asked those in the audience who were still undecided to show their hands, and he estimated around 40 percent did so.

At the end of the hustings, he asked those who remained undecided to put their hand up, quickly guessing that around 10 percent or 15 percent were still to make their minds up.

The liveliest portion of the event came when members of the audience were able to ask questions, with topics ranging from dualling the A1, the real meaning of levelling up, Remainers at the top of the civil service, and transgender rights.

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