‘It’s ridiculous’ EU wants us to sign to their laws for next 20 years, Vine caller rages

Jeremy Vine: Caller slams ‘ridiculous’ EU over new laws

Jeremy Vine spoke to caller Diane from Cheshire on his show as she lashed out at the European Union. The caller argued that the EU is attempting to shackle the UK to the bloc for the next 20 years with their Brexit trade deal demands. The caller said: “Angela Merkel is now really against this deal that Boris Johnson wants.

“She is really sticking her heels in, oh yes she is.”

Mr Vine asked if Ms Merkel wants the UK to be “cast adrift” like Australia.

The caller replied: “I don’t what Angela Merkel wants but she does not like the deal that Boris wants.

“This EU, wants us to sign up for laws they are going to bring in over the next 15, 20 years, even though we will be out of the EU.

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“We would have to comply with their laws, that is ridiculous, really ridiculous.”

The EU and UK have been unable to come to an agreement on the future trading relationship despite the end of the transition period less than a month away.

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson visited Brussels to meet with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, in hopes of finalising a deal.

This meeting proved unsuccessful and the pair parted with the intention of talking over the next few days until Sunday.

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Both sides are expected to take these days to close “very large gaps” they have before they can close a Brexit deal.

Ms von der Leyen took to Twitter following the meeting.

She said: “We had a lively and interesting discussion on the state of play on outstanding issues.

“We understand each other’s positions. They remain far apart.

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“The teams should immediately reconvene to try to resolve these issues.

“We will come to a decision by the end of the weekend.”

Mr Johnson earlier this week claimed the UK side would continue to talk to Brussels to get a deal until the very last moment however he did admit that things were becoming difficult.

He also argued that there may come a point where the UK has to walk away from talks without a deal but he insisted the UK would thrive regardless. 

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