Johnson warned time off as UK grapples with energy crisis will ‘damage’ No.10 position

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Kevin Maguire has called Boris Johnson “not serious” and said him going on holiday would “damage him” in the long run. The Prime Minister jetted off for a week-long holiday to Marbella, Spain with wife Carrie and son Wilf at the weekend. Mr Johnson’s decision to take some time off came under scrutiny as the UK continues to experience a series crisis of energy prices that have resulted in several providers collapsing in recent weeks.

Speaking to Jeremy Vine on Five, author A.J.West said: “Haven’t we been in a crisis for about a decade?

He continued: “So the idea that because the Prime Minister is going off to Marbella and that the country is going to fall apart, there’re going to be issues-I just don’t buy it.”

Jeremy Vine then said: “What do you think Kevin? Do you think he could run things from his villa?”

Kevin Maguire answered: “Well on Whatsapp maybe he will give that a go in between reading his book cover, doing a swim.

“But in going on holiday plays this impression which is growing, and I think will damage him, that he isn’t serious.

“That he is actually trivial.

“In the words of his Labour opponent Keir Starmer, because we saw the Conservative Party conference that he was up to his old little tricks and riding a bike in the exhibition area when he gave what was supposed to be a keynote speech.

“It was really an after-dinner speech at 1130 in the morning with lots of jokes-he shouldn’t be holding a glass of red wine as he delivered it.”

He went on: “I think people will laugh at him, and laugh with him for a while but when they see their standard of living is going down, partly because of his tax rises.

“When they look at empty shelves in supermarkets partly caused by him; when they look at the lorry driver shortages, which created those petrol queues and the closed filling stations, not very long ago and in fact in some parts of London the southeast, it’s still ongoing.

“When they hear from farmers who say they can’t get butchers to slaughter their pigs. 

“So there’s going to be 100,000 or so we’re just going to be destroyed and never end the food chain so it’ll be wasted.

“When you put all that together, and he goes on holiday?”

The Prime Minister and his wife Carrie are spending time in an exclusive estate in Marbella, Spain.

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