Keir Starmer won’t sway public as Labour fails to shake off Corbyn ‘Public smell fakery!’

Keir Starmer branded 'hypocritical' by Montgomerie

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Political commentator Tim Montgomerie insisted the public has already made their mind up about the Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer. While speaking on TalkRadio with Mike Graham the pair discussed Piers Morgan’s upcoming Life stories show episode focussing on Sir Keir. Mr Montgomerie highlighted he found Sir Keir hypocritical and insincere as the Labour leader.

He highlighted that Sir Keir had pitched himself as someone close to Jeremy Corbyn only to then attempt to oust him from the party when he became leader.

He noted the show was unlikely to shift the public opinions about Sir Keir or the Labour Party.

The image of being Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is a hard one to shake according to Mr Montgomerie.

Mr Graham said: “I don’t know if you will be watching, I will be out of a sense of duty rather than desire.

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“Sir Keir Starmer faces Piers Morgan on Life Stories.

“I can’t imagine it is going to be an incredibly popular show but are we going to see anything from him that we didn’t know.

Mr Montgomerie replied: “I think the public has made up its mind about Keir Starmer.

“My headline take away from him is that he served Jeremy Corbyn all through the last Parliament.

Piers Morgan's Keir Starmer interview slammed by host

“When he ran for leader he had pictures of Jeremy Corbyn in his video for leader.

“He was presenting himself as close to Jeremy Corbyn and then very early on in his leadership he finally does the right thing.

“Does the right thing and suspends Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party.”

Mr Montgomerie reflected on Sir Keir’s chances of changing voters’ minds on the Labour Party.

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He said: “It looks completely insincere to me, to be so hypocritical basically.

“I think the British people can smell fakery and I think with Keir Starmer they smell fakery.

“I think it is very hard to recover from that.”

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