Labour blow: The one major problem Keir Starmer can’t seem to shake off – revealed

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Since taking over as Leader of the Opposition, many have praised Sir Keir for how he has taken on the Government during the coronavirus crisis. However, in a blow to Sir Keir’s Prime Ministerial credentials, he is not trusted to manage the UK’s economy according to a YouGov poll. In a poll released today, 41 percent of those asked between June 13 to 15 supported a Government led by Mr Johnson to manage the economy.

Just 21 percent backed Sir Keir, while 14 stated they didn’t trust either and 23 said they “did not know”.

Crucially, 61 percent of those asked in the same period stated the economy was the most important issue in the UK.

With many now questioning how the UK economy will recover post, the lack of trust in the Opposition will be critical.

The backing for Mr Johnson comes as the UK’s economy shrank 20.4 percent in April.

Despite the huge drop, Mr Johnson stated the economy would suffer but that Britain would “bounce back” following the virus.

This month, the Prime Minister said: “We’re going to work slowly to get the economy back on its feet.

“Slowly confidence will return and you will see a bounce back for the UK.”

The collapse in the economy is the biggest monthly drop since records began in 1997.

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It also dwarfs the previous record fall of 5.8 percent in March.

While voters may not trust Sir Keir in terms of the UK’s economy, the latest voting intention statistics show Labour has closed the gap markedly.

With Sir Keir at the helm of Labour, the Opposition has reduced the gap with the Tories in the latest statistics YouGov voting intention tracker to just eight percent.

As of June 12, 37 percent would vote for Labour while 45 percent would vote for the Tories, down from a 24 percent gap on April 1.

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In the same data range, however, 45 percent have now voted they believe Sir Keir to be more competent than the Prime Minister.

As of June 15, 45 percent believe to be competent while 41 percent think Mr Johnson to be so.

Commenting on the data, YouGov’s research manager, Chris Curtis, said: “This week’s results also revealed a rare sighting, a Labour leader who is perceived to be more competent than the Conservative leader.

“Just 41 percent perceive Boris Johnson as being competent, down 14 percentage points since April, compared to 45 percent who see the Labour leader as competent, up 14 percentage points.

“On the reverse of this, just 11 percent view Keir Starmer as incompetent as many are still yet to form a view with 47 percent believing this to be an apt description of the Prime Minister.

“Even at the height of Corbynmania, in the days running up to the 2017 election, the Labour leader still lagged behind Theresa May on competence 34 percent to 53 percent.

“The Labour Party will be hoping that this perceived competence in their leader will rub off on them, and with a public more sympathetic to their general economic outlook, allow them to reclaim the mantle of economic credibility once again.”

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