Lord Adonis launches furious tirade against Brexit Britain as he celebrates Macron win

Emmanuel Macron vows to represent all French people

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The Labour peer took to Twitter today to insist Europe is “far stronger” after Mr Macron defeated far-right rival Marine Le Pen to secure a second term in office. Hitting out at Brexit, Lord Adonis added that the UK is “ever more isolated and impotent on the fringes”.

The arch-europhile tweeted: “Europe this morning is far stronger and more European, thanks to Macron’s decisive re-election, while Brexit Britain is ever more isolated and impotent on the fringes.”

But Lord Adonis’s comments prompted criticism from some on Twitter.

One Twitter user, Sam Ranger, commented: “How do you come up with this nonsense on a daily basis?”

Another with the handle @PoliticAtheist blasted: “France has same president as it did last week, last month, etc but is somehow Europe is far stronger and Britain more isolated. Andrew is more desperate and more deluded.”

A third Twitter user, @PoppysFather, wrote: “Give it a rest.”

One more, Ian Leyland, added: “‘Decisive’ doing a lot of heavy lifting in that sentence.”

Lord Adonis’s tweet comes after Mr Macron won another five years at the helm of France.

Ms Le Pen conceded on Sunday night after polling agencies’ projections released as the last voting stations closed said Mr Macron was on course to beat her by a double-digit margin.

The French President arrived on the plaza where his supporters gathered, beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the sound of the Ode to Joy, the EU’s anthem, hand in hand with his wife, Brigitte.

Downing Street today said Britain expects to continue to enjoy a “good relationship” with France following the re-election of Mr Macron.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman acknowledged there were differences over issues such as stemming the flow of migrants crossing the Channel but said that should not detract from the overall relationship.

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The spokesman said: “We have always enjoyed a good relationship. As the Prime Minister said over the weekend, France is one of our closest and most important allies.

“We will continue to discuss with them some of the key issues – the shared issues that we have.

“At the moment we are focused on seeking to resolve some of these bilateral issues, be it the Channel crossings, some of the issues around the Northern Ireland Protocol, and other issues.

“None of that should detract from the close relationship between the UK and France which has endured.”

The spokesman added that Boris Johnson and Mr Macron had a “good working relationship.”

They said: “Anyone who saw how they interacted in person at the end of the G7 or elsewhere can see that they have a good working relationship that benefits both countries.”

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