Nick Ferrari erupts on BBC QT as he brands Welby ‘wrong’ over migration bill

Nick Ferrari tonight insisted Justin Welby was “wrong” over the Illegal Migration Bill in a clash on BBC Question Time.

The LBC presenter said: “I’m a huge admirer of the Archbishop of Canterbury but on this one he’s got it wrong.

“He also talked about how it would tarnish the reputation of the UK, respectfully I think we still have a reputation of which we can be very proud.

“Over the last 20 years we have quite rightly welcomed seven million people to this country.

“This year it looks like around 85,000 individuals will try to cross the Channel. Net migration into this country could be somewhere in the region of 500,000 people many of whom have paid vile people trafickers to get here.

“If that is not a case where we need to be morally responsible then I don’t know what is.”

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