Nicola Sturgeon on alert over party that ‘holds balance of power’ in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon ‘needs Green Party alliance’ says Miklinski

Tony Miklinski told the Green Party hold power – after allowing Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP Government to vote through their budget. The Scottish Tory added that if the SNP does not secure a majority in the May 2021 election they will be forced to compromise with other parties.

Mr Miklinski said: “The Green Party although they are small and you could fit them in a taxi, they are the ones who hold the balance of power.

“They are the ones who allowed the SNP to vote their budget through.

“If the SNP does not have a majority in Scottish Parliament then they are required to start compromising with the other main parties and the main opposition which is currently the Conservatives.

“That would mean that we would get a better Government.

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“If we get a better Government, then the people of Scotland benefit, is that not the whole point of politics?

“So giving the SNP further majorities to pursue the single aim of independence is actually causing a real sickness in Scottish politics and the public services are suffering.”

During the same interview, Mr Miklinski issued a warning to Ms Sturgeon that “the clock is ticking” on her tenure as Scotland’s First Minister.

Mr Miklinski said: “She has had the levers of power over all the devolved areas such as education and health for more than a decade.

Sturgeon: ‘Clock is ticking’ for SNP leader says Miklinski

“She has tried and failed to make any difference in quality, mostly things have got worse.

“If she can not turn that around in 13 years, then the issue is who in the SNP wants to replace her.

“Who thinks they can have a better go? Will Alex Salmond come back into the picture? That has got to be worrying her.

“She must in her own thoughts think ‘is this worth it?’.”

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He added: “I am sure she thinks she can’t give anything away until she has got through Holyrood.

“But if we can hold our nerve through that then the clock is ticking for her.”

The First Minister appears, however, to have been rewarded for her conduct during the pandemic as recent polls have placed the SNP on track for a comfortable majority in May’s Scottish elections.

A SavantaComRes poll conducted between January 8 and 13 of 1,016 Scottish adults showed Ms Sturgeon’s party is projected to win 71 of the 129 seats available in the Scottish Parliament.

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