Nicola Sturgeon rages at democracy in bizare swipe at Boris Johnson in independence rant

Nicola Sturgeon says it’s right that Scotland should ‘decide future’

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon insisted Scotland should be independent as it considers its post-pandemic future. Speaking to Sky News, Ms Sturgeon emphasised how she believed Scotland should be governed by democratically elected Scottish leaders. She went on to attack the alternative, a country led by Boris Johnson, the democratically elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Ms Sturgeon said: “My primary consideration and the two are not completely divorced from each other.

“I think it is right that the country gets to choose its future

“There are big decisions that are to be made by governments everywhere as we emerge from this pandemic.

“Who do we want making these decisions?

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“Democratically elected politicians here in Scotland guided by the values of the Scottish people…

“Or governments like Boris Johnson’s in Westminster that we don’t vote for!

“So that is the choice and we should get to make that choice when the time is right for the country to do so.”

Ms Sturgeon have remained determined to put pressure on Mr Johnson over their independence dreams.

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Chris Hanlon, the SNP policy development convener put forward a motion debated by members during the NATS conference on Sunday, calling on the party to conduct a ‘detailed and serious national debate’ on independence.

The motion also called for a commitment in the SNP manifesto to hold a referendum for recovery “once it is safe to do so” and welcomed the draft bill published before the Scottish Parliamentary election.

As part of the motion, backed by 535 votes to 10, conference delegates also recognised that in May’s election the SNP received an unequivocal mandate from the people of Scotland to hold a referendum on independence.

However, the SNP and Ms Sturgeon have faced criticism for stalling on their push for an independence referendum until the time is most advantageous.

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In August, a Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll revealed 47 percent of Scots would vote no if the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?” was put to them immediately.

In the Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll, 44 percent said they would vote “yes” if there was a referendum whilst 9 percent said they were not sure.

Of those surveyed, 47 percent said they would oppose a referendum on Scottish independence being held in the next year, with 33 percent opposing strongly.

However, 40 percent said they would support such a referendum being held in the next year, with 29 percent expressing strong support.

A further 11 percent of Scots would neither support nor oppose a referendum being held in the next year.

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