‘Pathetic’ France brags about size of its ship to UK Navy in Vietnam in bitter Brexit move

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The UK Royal Navy ship arrived in Vietnam on Friday for a four-day visit. To mark its arrival, the official Twitter account for the UK-Vietnam cooperation posted a picture of the HMS Richmond and pledged a continued commitment to the alliance. They tweeted: “Welcome UK Royal Navy ship HMS Richmond to Vietnam!

“She docked at Cam Ranh today, beginning a four-day visit, which comes on the 10th anniversary of UK-Vietnam defence cooperation.

“This visit demonstrates the UK’s commitment to a persistent and reliable presence in the Indo-Pacific.”

In response, La France au Vietnam, France’s official Twitter counterpart account, wrote: “Nice ship UK! Ours seems a little bit larger though.

“It was in Cam Ranh as well last spring.”

The bitter attempt to denigrate Brexit Britain’s military efforts was picked up by Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henry Gallois.

The French politician attributed the move to the French Minister for European Affairs Clement Beaune’s diplomatic tactics against the UK.

Mr Gallois tweeted: “Diplomacy with Clément Beaune sauce.

“It’s honestly pathetic.”

Mr Beaune, one of Emmanuel Macron’s closest allies, has often made public attacks against the UK and Britons’ decision to leave the EU.

In his latest Brexit attack, Mr Beaune accused Boris Johnson of “not applying the agreement they have signed”.

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Speaking in Nice last week, he said: “During the Brexit crisis, predictions were wrong.

“The British thought that we were going to divide, but we have stood together.

“What matters now is the solidarity of action.

“We have to show the British that we are ready to take action if they do not implement the agreement they have signed.”

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Speaking separately, a French official said President Macron was pushing European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to support punitive measures which could see the UK effectively locked out of the EU energy market.

An EU official confirmed: “I hear there are – as you would expect – contacts between Paris and the Commission.”

Paris is furious at London’s rejection of all but 12 out of 47 French applications for new licences for small EU boats to fish in UK waters.

There have even been suggestions London is trying to blackmail Paris over the cross-Channel migrant crisis.

France does not accept the UK’s suggestion that the licence applications were rejected because the boats were unable to prove historic fishing activity in British waters, a condition contains within the Brexit fishing agreement signed by Boris Johnson last December.

A French official said: “We do not agree with this interpretation of the Brexit agreement. They are asking for proof that was not part of the deal.”

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