Reverse devolution and end this nonsense! Fury as dossier warns UK facing capitulation

Andrew Marr grills Mark Drakeford on Welsh independence

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Wales’s First Minister Mark Drakeford warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson if his approach to managing the Union continued then there would be an increasing prospect of the “break-up of the UK.”

The Welsh Government will publish a document titled “Reforming our Union: Shared Governance in the UK” which will set out how the relationship between London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast can be “reset”.

Cardiff says the UK must be based “on a partnership of equals” with regular opportunities for the four governments to work together and manage disputes properly.

Mr Drakeford said: “Throughout my political life I have advanced the case for solidarity among the peoples and nations of the Union.

“However, it has become harder and harder to make the case for the Union, and the threat to it has never been greater during my lifetime.”

But Britons have hit back at Wales and called for Mr Johnson to “reverse devolution” and “end this nonsense”.

Responding to an story about the document, one reader said: “The sooner the devolved powers are removed from these clowns the better.

“How much of English taxpayers money did this self-serving rubbish cost?”

Another person added: “Can we please reverse devolution and put this nonsense away.

“Blair must be laughing his socks off at the trouble he has caused.”

Someone else echoed: “Since devolution, these countries have become like Socialist councils, a drain on the country and economy.

“Time to reverse devolution and to stop England being forced to fund their socialist ideas.”

A fourth person said: “No problem! End devolution.

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“It was the EU who told Tony Blair to implement it.

“Now we are out of the EU, it’s time to ditch it.

“It’s another failed project just like the EU.”

Someone else said devolution was “one of the biggest mistakes” of modern British history.

Another reader commented: “Wales and Scotland are making the same mistake over and over – and this is why there should be an English parliament.

“The leaders of the Welsh and Scottish parliaments are not equal to Boris.

“Boris is the leader of the United Kingdom, not England.”

The document also calls on the House of Lords to have a specific job of protecting the constitution and devolution.

Welsh ministers also want to create a new, independent public body to oversee how funding arrangements are made in the UK.

The move comes after the UK Government’s decision to bypass the Welsh Government and directly allocate funding for regional and local development via UK-wide funds through Mr Johnson’s levelling up agenda.

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