SNP councillor expelled from meeting as drug debate erupts

SNP: ‘A lot of grumbles’ says John Boothman

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Glasgow city council member Graham Campbell was asked to leave the meeting with the drugs death charity FAVOR after one activist called out the SNP councillor for failing to support the group’s campaign. FAVOR’s boss, Anne Marie Ward from the charity asked Councillor Campbell to leave in no uncertain terms after a fierce row between the pair. 


Ms Ward told the SNP councillor: “You have not been there”.

She added: “You showed up for the photographs, that’s it.”

Ms Ward then ushered Mr Campbell out of the meeting with the words “out, out!”

FAVOR is calling for better help for drug users amid Scotland’s high rate of drug-related deaths.

Ms Ward later said: “[Campbell] showed up at two events in the last three years and he’s barely spoken a word to us during those events, he’s not offered any support outside those events.

“As far as I’m concerned he’s shown up to get his photograph taken and to prove that he was there.

“There has been no support, so for him to stand up and say that he’s supported the campaign since it started is laughable and is beyond lies and manipulation.

“I mean that is downright, I don’t know… to lie like that is just a complete brass neck.”

SNP: ‘A lot of grumbles’ says John Boothman

It came as the SNP has been urged to end its “referendum obsession” following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the legality of a second vote on Scottish independence.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross welcomed the decision by the UK’s highest court that Holyrood would need Westminster’s consent to legislate on the decisive constitutional issue.

He said: “This was a clear and unequivocal verdict delivered by the highest court in the country – and the SNP Government and their supporters must respect it.

“Nicola Sturgeon insisted on taking this case to the Supreme Court at the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Scottish taxpayer – and this ruling confirms that it was a waste of time and money.

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“Following this judgment, the SNP must now get back to work, drop their referendum obsession and focus on what really matters to the people of Scotland.”

Baroness Davidson, a former Scottish Tory leader, said the court’s ruling was not a surprise and she welcomed its “unanimity” and “clarity”.

She added on Twitter: “No doubt the SNP will try to leverage this ruling for further grievance. If only the huge effort, capacity & resource spent bidding to rerun the original vote had been put into health, education & the economy.”

But former first minister Alex Salmond, who led the Scottish Government into the 2014 independence referendum, said democracy could be “postponed” but not “denied”.

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