SNP humiliated: Julia Hartley-Brewer in stitches after ridiculing MP’s ‘grasp on economy’

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SNP MP Angus MacNeil has been ridiculed on social media for his “grasp on economics” after a car-crash interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO. The Scottish politician insisted taxpayers did not need to pay back Government spending plans. This response to Rishi Sunak’s budget plans left Hartley-Brewer stunned and baffled many listeners, with one saying “his grasp of monetary policy is pathetic”.

The MP, who serves as International Trade Select committee chairman, said: “Tory philosophy is long dead and we’d be in a bad situation if Rishi Sunak was a real Tory.

“He is following modern monetary theory, really. You said the taxpayer will be paying, but I didn’t think they will.

“No-one is lending it. He is shaking the magic money tree and spending the cash.

“I mean it is not enough of it, but he is giving some grease to the economy.”

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Hartley-Brewer intervened: “You said he should be spending a lot more?”

The MP said: “He is only spending about half of what is needed, according to the SNP finance secretary.”

The talkRADIO host continued: “You also said you don’t think the taxpayer will be paying for it?

“The taxpayer always pays for it. If it is borrowed, we pay for it and the interest. It will be future taxpayers who pay for it.”

Mr MacNeil responded: “The UK produces its own pound so the UK doesn’t have a problem at all.

“Who is lending this money? Nobody.”

Hartley-Brewer joked: “In that case, you might as well print trillions and we’ll all be given a billion quid each!”


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However, the SNP MP said: “Well, you are catching on with modern monetary theory now!”

Listeners remarked: “And this is the SNP whose leader wanted the furlough scheme extended to 2021 yesterday – as if money grows on trees.”

Another said: “This guy is unbelievable, absolutely clueless on every topic. That’s got to be the most incompetent interview ever given by an MP, and that’s going some.”

One viewer added: “I can’t believe this man is a politician. I’m totally gobsmacked. Tell me it’s April 1.”

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