Staggering naivete Nandy savaged as she urges for united UN approach to help Afghans

Afghanistan: 'We need to work with UN' says Lisa Nandy

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Labour’s shadow Foreign Secretary was blasted for her “staggering naivete” as she urged members of the United Nations to put up a “united” front to address the unravelling situation in Afghanistan. The UK and the US have been leading evacuation efforts since the Taliban reclaimed Kabul earlier this month, suggesting working with the insurgents will be necessary going forward. Lisa Nandy said collaboration with countries closer to the Taliban will help devise a multilateral solution.

Speaking to Sky News, the Labour frontbencher said: “The complexity of the political situation and the diplomatic situation that we now find ourselves in means we now have to work through the United Nations.

“We’ve been calling for a UN Security Council resolution because we need, certainly, to work with Pakistan, Turkey, with others who have a better dialogue with the Taliban than we do or the United States does.

“We need to work together in order to approach that rather than countries approaching it unilaterally.

“It’s a very sensible call from the chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committees in a number of counties not to just take their own, isolated, approach to deal with the Taliban.”

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She added: “If we want to make sure some of those gains of the last 20 years are upheld, we’re going to get passage for the many, many people who are still stranded in Afghanistan, then we need to take that united approach.”

However, Ms Nandy’s suggestion drew immediate criticism, with Twitter users questioning the efficacy of a UN intervention in light of past failures.

One social media user said: “Staggering naivety on all levels. The horse has long bolted.”

Another added: “Yes the UN did so well with Syria and Crimea to name but two.”

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One Twitter user wrote: “The UN are a busted flush. Nandy is so far out of depth it’s unbelievable.

“Thank goodness, she was not F Sec during this or any other time. Labour yet again have been found wanting and all they do is carp and criticise.”

And another said: “United Nations turned their back on Afghanistan. Maybe you should be looking at who is backing the Taliban….. China, Pakistan and let them deal with it.

“Your Labour leader took us in 20 years ago with no plan to leave. We all knew the Taliban would be back.”

Some users also questioned Labour’s own approach to the crisis, urging Ms Nandy to share further details into her party’s own strategy for the future.

One social media user said: “Aren’t 20 Years of Occupation, enough to bring the much-vaunted by democracy of the West to a solution for the Afghan problem?

“Now, it’s clear that what they’re doing with a united approach to rebuilding is going to be chimaeras if we don’t take into account just every people …”

And another wrote: “What does a proper plan look like Lisa?

“Last plane out of Dodge City left last night. Can you be specific or maybe give us a hint of what this Grand plan looks like?”

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