Sturgeon urged to take immediate action on SNP MPs over relentlessly abusive attacks

Cost of living crisis: Sturgeon calls on Tories to ‘take action’

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Allegedly, 20 per cent of Sturgeon’s parliamentarians follow an account called MSM Monitor which “calls out” the media. Their account goes by the catchphrase “The Media Lies”. Sam Taylor, under the username @staylorish, pointed out his findings and called on Nicola Sturgeon to take action.

He wrote: “Perhaps @nicolasturgeon could comment on the fact that 20% of her SNP parliamentarians follow this relentlessly abusive Twitter account?”

The tweet featured a series of screenshots from the account, with some tweets calling journalists “corrupt” and using abusive language.

Glenn Campbell, a Scottish BBC broadcaster, appears to be a constant target of the account, which has 31,500 followers.

The BBC released a statement yesterday after one of their journalists, James Cook, was filmed receiving abuse while covering the Conservative Leadership hustings in Perth, Scotland.

The statement read: “Yesterday evening one of our journalists was subjected to verbal abuse from protestors while covering the Conservative Leadership hustings in Perth.

“James Cook is an exceptional correspondent and showed professionalism throughout the incident.

“It is never acceptable for journalists to suffer abuse of any nature while doing their job.”

While many condemned the footage of James suffering abuse, the Twitter account @msm_monitor stood by the protestors.

They tweeted: “Having seen footage, our view is that Cook didn’t show professionalism. On the contrary, he was unprofessional.

“He approached an agitated group in an informal manner and engaged them for reasons other than interview. Drawing out his mobile phone to film was a provocative gesture.”

The account then branded him “James ‘Absolute Chaos’ Cook”.

One of the more abusive tweets in June branded Glenn Campbell a “ct”.

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The account tweeted: “He truly is a detestable, bitter wee ct isn’t he**. He can’t resist promoting the snide comment.

“His behaviour is consistently unbecoming of a political editor. ‘Shitehawk’ is an apt nomenclature for him.”

It was in reference to a tweet Campbell wrote that that said: “MorayShona has pledged to take a ‘team local government’ approach to her new job but Conservatives say she’ll be Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘lackey'”.

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