Tory conference LIVE: Fury as bitter Rejoiners hijack event with giant Brexit stunt

Boris Johnson tells Beth Rigby she’s trying to ‘blame government’

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The projection was cast against the tower on the third day of the conference and poked fun at inflation and food shortages. Created by anti-Brexit political campaign group Led By Donkeys, the short video shows two giant boxing gloves, one saying “empty shelves”, the other saying “higher prices” under the headline “Boris’s double whammy”. The stunt follows a day of noisy protests from the Rejoiners who stood at the entrance of the hall draped in EU flags.

People held signs which said “There’s no vaccine for Tory lies” and “We’re still here because Brexit is still crap”.

More protests are expected outside the venue today because it marks the day when changes take effect to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit payment.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will today address the conference for his keynote speech in which he is expected to focus on his levelling up agenda.



  • Bitter Rejoiners blast Boris at Tory party conference07:43
  • Bitter Rejoiners blast Boris at Tory party conference

    The anti-Brexit political campaign group Led By Donkeys has blasted Boris Johnson on the eve of the final day of the Conservative party conference. 

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