Trump WILL be removed by Secret Service if he loses and won’t leave, claims Scaramucci

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The blunt prediction by the ex-Director of Communications has been backed up by a UK-based expert in US politics, who confirmed federal agents had the power to ensure Mr Trump vacates the property if necessary. And, Dr Richard Johnson, a lecturer in US Politics and Policy at Queen Mary University, has likewise said Mr Trump will be escorted out of the White House if necessary – while stressing he did not consider such an eventuality likely.

Mr Scaramucci was fired by John Kelly, the White House’s then-chief of staff, just 11 days into the job, after scathing comments made to reporter Ryan Lizza about Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s chief strategist at the time, were published in the New Yorker magazine.

Since then he has become a strong critic of his former boss, and despite being a Republican, is backing Democrat opponent Joe Biden in the US election.

Mr Scaramucci continues to believe Mr Trump will be defeated on Tuesday.

He does not have the support of the American military

Anthony Scaramucci

Asked whether the 74-year-old will concede if he loses, Mr Scaramucci said: “I think he will. I think all of that stuff is bluster.

“He does not have the support of the American military.

“Mitch McConnell has said they are respecting the election and the peaceful transfer of power.

“And remember if you are a demagogue and you want to subvert a democracy you need a lot of willing accomplices.”

There have also been concerns voiced in some circles that a defeated Mr Trump might use the two-and-a-half month period between the election and the inauguration on January 20 to sabotage a future Biden administration.

Mr Scaramucci said: “People are saying that but I don’t see it that way.

“I think he is going to go quietly and recognise that he is going to maybe need help from Joe Biden.

“It’s not impossible that somebody like Joe Biden would pardon him to take the strain of what they have done off of the American people.

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“So the incentive for Mr Trump to do that is outweighed by the potential need for Joe Biden’s help.”

Asked whether he was confident the Secret Service would intervene if Mr Trump loses the election but contests the result, as he has hinted he may do, Mr Scaramucci told he believed they would do so.

Mr Scaramucci said he was likewise not worried about nuclear security in the interim.

He said: “I don’t think we need to be in the least concerned about that.

“The American military is not going to allow Mr Trump to ‘press the proverbial button’.”

Dr Johnson said: “If Trump says I think I have won the electoral college, it comes down to Congress certifying the winner in January.

“At that point, if Congress certifies Biden as the winner and Trump says no, in a constitutional sense, that’s the end, you cannot appeal, they have got the final authority on that.

“And the constitution then says that the new administration of the next President begins on January 20 and whatever Donald Trump says, that new administration begins.

“Maybe that means he’s got to be escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service, but I doubt he would let it come to that.

“If it got that far he would be trespassing on White House grounds and it would become a criminal matter.

“I don’t think he wants it to go that far.

“But I think in this scenario he wants to make sure that his supporters feel they have been robbed and he becomes a kind of martyr of the movement.”

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