We voted for control! David Davis erupts at the ECJ interfering in post-Brexit EU rows

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Tory MP David Davis insisted one of the biggest issues for post-Brexit UK and EU relations was the involvement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). While speaking on TalkRadio, he said the ECJ should not act as an arbitrator for rows that occur between the UK and EU. He insisted it should be an independent body and joked the EU would think the UK mad if they suggested something similar.

Mr Davis said: “There is something that needs to be resolved and that is the European Court of Justice.

“What David Frost, quite rightly wants is disagreements, as there will be, should be resolved an independent arbitrator.

The EU is insisting it is arbitrated by the European Court.

“Imagine if we turned it around and said all the arbitration would be done by the British Supreme Court, the Europeans would think we were mad.

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“It should be an independent arbitrator.”

At the end of the day, that is going to be the toughest problem to solve.

“They will solve all the other problems but this one is fundamental.

“We voted to take back control and that means taking back control of our legal systems and not having the European Court of Justice affecting them.”

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Mr Davis also argued the EU were aware of the ongoing issues within the system.

He said: “The real test is what former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is doing now.

“He was taking a run at the French Presidency, if you look at his agenda it could have been written by a Brexiteer.

“Things like control immigration, limit the powers of the European Court of Justice, and so on.

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“This is because they know there are weaknesses in their own system.

“They know this in their heart of hearts. Those are the reasons, at the end of the day that we left.”

The European Commission has laid out measures to slash 80 percent of regulatory checks and dramatically cut customs processes on the movement of goods, especially food and farming produce, between Britain and the island of Ireland.

The Government welcomed the announcement, signalling it wants “intensive talks” to follow the EU’s proposals.

At the same time, however, a Government spokesman said there has to be “significant changes” to the Northern Ireland Protocol in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement if there is to be a “durable settlement”.

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