Winnipeg dad’s Lego version of Trudeau’s coronavirus speech to kids goes viral

A Winnipeg dad’s Lego interpretation of a speech by the prime minister has gone viral.

Tyler Walsh told 680 CJOB he saw Justin Trudeau’s message to Canadian kids about the coronavirus pandemic and wanted to put it in a format that would be even more appealing to young people.

“I saw that video that the prime minister had done and I showed it to my kids at the time,” he said.

“That was about a couple of weeks ago, but at the same time, my boys Jack and Noah and I were actually working on another Lego project.

“It popped into my head that I’ve got all of this set up here — what if I combine these two videos and it might be kind of fun and cool and make kids want to watch it more.”

The stop-motion video — which took hours of painstaking work — is a re-creation of Trudeau’s March 22 speech, complete with a bearded Lego PM and a cameo by Manitoba’s own public health officers — in brick form, of course.

As a father, Walsh said Trudeau’s message resonated with him and he wanted his kids to take it to heart as well.

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