‘You’ve got no choice!’ BBC’s Adam Fleming has Sharma in stitches with forced Cop26 quiz

Sharma in stitches as he's forced into Cop26 quiz

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During an attempt to get to grips with some United Nations environmental acronyms ahead of the UK hosting COP26 (Conference of the Parties) in Glasgow in November the BBC’s Newscast host Adam Fleming cracked a few jokes with Mr Sharma. The two fell about laughing as they navigated the confusing and often long-winded acronyms which will come part in parcel with the huge environmental summit which is expected to attract over 25,000 punters from October 31 to November 12 to find group solutions and a response to climate change.

Mr Fleming joked: “I thought we could call this COP-ortunity knocks?!”

Mr Sharma burst into hysterics before requesting “we should move on” with the acronym quiz.

Mr Fleming kicked off with a volley of questions around the confusing terms as Mr Sharma revealed that the long-winded UNFCCC stood for “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”.

He added how the “NDC” stands for “Nationally Determined Contribution” which he explained is “the commitment to cut emissions by a certain percentage by the year 2030”.

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Mr Sharma went on to explain how different countries attending the summit will have varying allegiances to different “blocs” of countries and will “align” themselves according to certain priorities.

But he warned these priorities overlap and many countries will change negotiating positions depending on an issue, he explained this is like “multi-dimensional chess” and will add complications to the summit and what is achieved.

The BBC presenter hit Mr Sharma with a final question an an incredibly long acronym, asking: “AWG-KP… the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex-1 Parties Under the Kyoto protocol!”

Mr Sharma, who did not have a clue, laughed: “Ah yes, that one! On the tip of my tongue!”

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Mr Sharma’s comments come as a debate has arisen as to whether over 25,000 punters touching down in Britain to attend the summit, of which many will come via London, will need to self-isolate.

According to the Government there will be no requirement for COP26 attendees coming from amber or green list countries to isolate on arrival to the UK whether vaccinated or not.

This comes despite current government requirements to self isolate for 10 days for those coming from amber countries who are not fully vaccinated via approved programmes in the UK, US or Europe.

While many attendees are also expected to jet in from red list countries despite current rules stating people cannot travel to England from red list countries unless they are British or Irish citizens or have the right to live in the UK – the same rules apply to Scotland where the summit is being held.


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A UK Government spokesperson said COP26 was a necessary event, as the science was clear for the need to take immediate and far-reaching action to have any chance of avoiding the devastating impacts of rising temperatures.

They added: “We know that achieving the ambitious global action needed to tackle climate change requires everyone sitting around the same table. To achieve this, we have been working tirelessly to make arrangements for an in-person event.

“Hosting it safely is of the utmost importance to the UK. Like many recent international events, COP26 will have to adapt in line with Covid.”

Up to 25,000 government representatives, media figures and campaigners from around the world are expected to attend the summit at the Scottish Events Campus in Glasgow.

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