#GameOfTwoHalves Podcast: What Liverpool's first league title in 30 years means to fans

#GameOfTwoHalves Ep 90: Liverpool win first league title in 30 years; world No. 1 tennis star Novak Djokovic under fire

13:40 mins

Synopsis: #GameofTwoHalves is The Straits Times’ weekly sports podcast that is out every Tuesday.

Money FM’s Rachel Kelly calls up digital editor of The New Paper Jonathan Roberts, ST assistant sports editor Rohit Brijnath and sports reporter Nicole Chia.

They discuss the following topics:

1. Liverpool’s English Premier League title win and what it means for the team and its fans.

2. Men’s tennis world No. 1 Novak Djokovic has come under fire for his involvement in the Adria Tour, an exhibition series meant to bring some of the world’s top players to the Balkans. Several tennis players, including Djokovic himself, and their coaches have contracted Covid-19. Safety measures at the event were lax, with physical distancing not practised and the absence of required testing for Covid-19. Why is the criticism valid and how should athletes be using their influence and voice in these times?

3. Why the ActiveSG indoor sports halls were closed on Sunday and how SportSG is stepping up measures to prevent users from flouting the rules. 

Produced by: ST Sports Desk

Edited by: Aw Yao Feng, Nadiah Koh & Penelope Lee

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