Hot Bods

Justin Lim, 34

Internal auditor

Height: 1.8m Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: My routine usually involves going for high intensity group exercise classes every day after work. But, during the circuit breaker period, I have to be creative at home. The coaches at Bespoke Fitness provide suggestions of household items as alternatives for weights in their FitRX programme. A different muscle group is targeted every day, starting with traditional hypertrophy exercises and finishing with a high intensity workout. This ideal combination ensures that I am always pushing myself beyond what I thought possible.

Diet: My rule of thumb is output>input, especially now that I’m less active than before during this period. I try not to snack during the day, while drinking lots of water. I also try to have healthier meals, with a good mix of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates whenever I order food or cook at home.

Fiona Tan, 23

Medical undergraduate

Height: 1.6m Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen: I usually do high intensity/ plyometrics workouts with strength training. Coaching at Bespoke has made me so much stronger and leaner, as I complete their signature FitRX workout five times a week. Since the circuit breaker, I have been planning and uploading WODs (workout of the day) on Instagram to encourage and inspire others of any fitness level to work out. I also play hide and seek with my cat, and that in itself can be a workout.

Diet: I try to eat a balanced diet most times – the right amount of carbs, protein and (healthy) fats in each meal. I love cooking and baking and the best part is sharing it with friends and family. I also love experimenting with new recipes, especially desserts. But too much sugar makes my heart race, so controlling my sweet tooth is important.

This week’s Hotbods: Fiona Tan (@bnfio), 23, medical student, and Justin Lim (@justinseanlim), 34, internal auditor. 🎥: Fiona Tan, Justin Lim, Neo Xiaobin (@xiaobin) #StraitsTimes #igsg #sgig #hotbods #sthotbods #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymtime #running #health #fit #ripped #gym #pumped #workout #toned #inshape #exercise #abs #washboard #shredded #shred #fitnessmotivation #HIIT #homeworkout #covidworkout

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