How I got hooked on sports: Coming of age during the greatest decade in Colorado sports

My love for sports began in the 1990s here in Colorado. How could it not?

Born and raised here in the Centennial State, my childhood was spent engrossed in newspapers and books, absorbing whatever information I could get my hands on about sports. The decade was an exciting time — we went from having two OK pro teams to four filled with excitement in a matter of years.

My first love was basketball and the Nuggets. Watching them rise out of the Paul Westhead era to shocking the world by being the first No. 8 seed to topple a No. 1 seed in 1994 was incredible. Watching Dikembe Mutombo clutch the basketball at the end of Game 5 in Seattle from the family TV in my basement is forever etched in my memory.

The Rockies brought baseball to the Mile High City in 1993 and two years later behind the bats of the Blake Street Bombers, made their first-ever playoff appearance. The Avs came to Denver in 1995 like a hurricane and finally brought the city a world championship. And the Broncos, what can I say? I was too young to have experienced the heartache from the previous Super Bowl losses. But man, were those back-to-back title runs magical.

It was this perfect storm that allowed me to fall in love with the world of sports. All sports. And I treasured every minute of it.

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