Best and most terrifying ghost walks in the UK to try this Halloween

People who love watching horror movies are always up for new experiences that are equal parts spooky and exciting.

Aside from binging everything from The Conjuring universe and maybe visiting a haunted house, one hair-raising thing that many horror fans can do is go on ghost walks so creepy they make your legs tremble.

Whether it's tales of ghostly children and headless soldiers, or hidden witchcraft temples and an entire underground city, ghost walks offer people the chance to explore the country in a uniquely terrifying way.

Aside from making your Halloween plans special this year, ghost walks also offer a great opportunity to learn about local history and the stories of the people who once lived there.

Those of a more nervous disposition might choose a daytime walk which can provide a light thrill, while the braver might want to be petrified in the dark.

Here 2Chill have compiled the ultimate list of the most terrifying ghost walks in the UK.

Hidden & Haunted in Edinburgh

A city steeped with history, and tales of the dark, there are many ghost walks to choose from in Edinburgh. The Hidden & Haunted tour is not for the faint hearted and only those aged 18 or over can attend.

It starts at 8.30pm and you’ll be walked through the sinister side of Edinburgh’s old town, finishing with an underground tour of the Blair Street Vaults. You need to book online, adults tickets start at £18 and concessions are £16.

The Original Ghost Walk of York

This York ghost walk runs every evening at either 6.30 or 8pm from the King’s Arms pub and it’s believed to be the very first ghost walk, created in 1973. You’ll hear about plenty of disturbing experiences, with a mix of stories from the past and mysterious tales from York. You can book online, it’s £7.50 for adults and £5 for students.

Winchester Ghost Tour

There’s no shortage of torture, treason, and execution on this ghost tour around the historic city of Winchester.

You’ll hear stories of famous local ghouls including Drunk Henry as well as the famous souls that haunt Winchester Theatre Royal and Winchester Castle. And you might just spot a notorious local ghost, such as that of Walter Raleigh. Tickets start from £10 and you’ll need to book online.

Whitby Walks

It’s one of the UK’s most haunted towns and jam-packed full of ghostly tales and eerie stories to satisfy anyone after a frightful experience. Whether you’re searching for Dracula or just want to hear a little more about the darker side of Whitby, you’ll find it on one of these 75-minute long ghost walks.

Some of the tales you can expect to hear include, the screaming tunnel, Dracula’s bench, the Dutchman's house, and the burning girl. You can find the latest dates for tours on the website and tickets start from £12 for adults and £4 for children under 12.

Brighton Ghost Walk of The Lanes

In this 75-minute long walk around the city, you’ll take in famous ghostly spots including the old town hall, Steine House, and The Black Lion. You may even see the ghost of Fred, the town hall cat. It runs every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm from outside the Druid’s Head in Brighton Place and you need to book online.

Tickets cost £12 for adults, £10 for those over 65, and £8 for concessions.

The Jack the Ripper Tour

Running every night of the week, starting at 7pm from Aldgate Tube Station, this is one of the best known ghost walks in London. It’s been running since 1982 and on the walk you’ll be taken around the historical sites of East London associated with the famous killer.

It’s guided by international experts who will take you through the stories of Jack the Ripper in unsettling detail. You can book online for a virtual tour or one in person and tickets cost £12 per person.

A Ghostly Walk around Pluckley

Pluckley in Kent is the UK’s most haunted villages, and therefore the perfect location for a scary ghost walk. There’s a free ghost walk, taking in notable haunting spots, which you can do yourself.

The entire experience takes three hours and there’s a handy guide written by expert Richard Jones which gives you directions for the walk.

Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour

You’ll get a chance to explore Cardiff Castle at night on this ghost tour run by Dark Wales. The tour takes in areas of the castle where ghostly phenomena have occurred including strange noises, phantom figures, and a disturbing tale of a horse and carriage, said to be a harbinger of death.

Tours last two hours, it’s £16 per person (aged 12 and over), and you can book online.

The Real Mary King’s Close

A trip to Edinburgh isn’t complete without a tour of the 400-year old Mary King’s Close – a warren of streets frozen in time. The one-hour tour is brought to life with costumed character tour guides impersonating former residents of the Old Town’s closes.

Adult tickets start at £18.95 and children from £12.95 (no under 5s allowed). You’ll need to book online.


Shiverpool is not just a ghost walk – it’s a 90-minute immersive theatrical experience where you will be surrounded by actors who bring the true, grisly history of Liverpool to life. There are several different tours to choose from, which you’ll need to book online, including Auld City and The Dead House, Hope Street Shivers, and a Ghost Bus Tour.

Tickets start from £16.50 for adults and £13.50 for children.

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