Best destinations for a bargain holiday shopping trip named – which one came first?

Queen’s clothes didn’t sell in charity shop says expert

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Holidaymakers who wish to go shopping on their getaway may be looking for some good bargains. To help them in their quest, a new study has looked at the top destinations for second hand and charity shopping.

The study looked at the number and quality of charity shops across the UK.

Average Google ratings were also of importance.

Other metrics included boutique charity shops which offer designer and vintage clothing and the number of charity shops per person in an area.

Taking all these into account, the best destination for second hand shopping was found to be Nottingham.

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Beating London, Nottingham has almost 100 charity shops within five miles of the centre.

Second on the list is unsurprisingly London.

Most specifically, the study found North London to be a haven for charity shop hunters.

Bournemouth came third, with the most number of charity shops per capita of the top 10.

In fourth place was Derby, with the highest number of positive Google reviews for its charity shops.

Rounding off the top five was Edinburgh.

The Scottish city was noted for its luxurious donations, with Bethany Christian Trust in Morningside receiving a single £10,000 donation of designer furniture.

Jyu Grace wrote on Google reviews: “My favourite charity shop in the area.”

Top destinations for charity shopping

1 – Nottingham

2 – North London

3 – Bournemouth

4 – Derby

5 – Edinburgh

6 – Norwich

7 – Portsmouth

8 – Poole

9 – Oxford

10 – Bristol

11 – Leicester

12 – Leeds

13 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

14 – Brighton and Hove

15 – Plymouth

16 – South London

17 – Liverpool

18 – Manchester

19 – Kingston Upon Hull

20 – Blackpool


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