British Airways marshals cheer up Brits on delayed flight by putting on a show

Brits up and down the country have faced delays and cancellations at airports all summer.

And, there’s nothing worse than sitting on the tarmac waiting to see if your flight will take off or not.

But, for some delayed passengers on a British Airways flight recently their boredom and frustration was aliened by a pair of air marshals.

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A duo of airport workers took their glowing marshalling wands and put on a performance for those Brits stuck on the plane.

TikTok user Abi Smith filmed the goofy behaviour and posted it on social media.

The clip went viral with a whopping 182,000 views – and commenters were cracking up.

Abi captioned the video: “POV: [Point of View]: Your plane gets delayed so the marshals put on a performance.”

The pair of workers conducted a passionate act pretending to fight with their wands acting as light sabres as seen in film franchise Star Wars.

Even a dramatic death scene was enacted as one Marshall pretended to strike the other.

The funny pair went on to sit on the tarmac surrounded by the wands as though pretending to levitate.

They then went on to set up the light up sticks in love heart shapes pointed at the flight’s passengers.

In the comments, people were big fans of the show.

One woman wrote: “No, this is so cute.”

“Give the performers an applause,” added another.

A third said: “Someone give them a raise.”

While others claimed to have seen a video posted by the marshals themselves.

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Quinten Moshy posted a clip from the tarmac and said: “Passengers trapped for almost two hours due to mechanical issue delay.

“We decided to try and cheer them up.”


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