Cruise holidays: Ships’ ‘onboard jails’ for rowdy passengers have ‘no windows’

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Cruise lines normally show off their fantastic swimming facilities, casinos and theatres but there are a few areas kept away from passengers’ eyes.

Nicky Kelvin, from the Points Guy, is a travel expert. He shared some cruise ship secrets with

He said: “Cruise ships are like small towns, and while cruises focus on the fun elements with bars, restaurants, theatres, spas and water parks, they also need to keep the experience safe for their passengers.

“That’s why they do have onboard jails, also known as brigs.

“If a passenger is arrested, they will be escorted to a bare bones cabin, usually on a lower deck and likely with no windows.

“The doors lock from the outside, meaning that passengers cannot let themselves out.”

While most passengers will luckily never see the inside of the ship’s brig, they are an essential feature for cruise lines.

Cruise ships don’t tend to have police officers, but they will have onboard security to deal with any incidents.

If rowdy passengers are put in the brig, they will be brought meals on a tray by the ship’s crew.

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If the ship is near a port when the incident happens, a passenger who has broken the law may be handed over to local authorities.

Cruise ships will always have a strict code of conduct and there are a few offences which could see a passenger sent to the brig.

These include using violence against the crew or other passengers, refusing to follow safety rules, stealing from shops or possession of drugs.

Passengers could also be confined to their cabin if they break any of the ship’s rules on a cruise holiday.

Nicky added: “Cruise ships are also legally required to carry body bags and maintain a morgue, the size of which will depend on the size of the ship.

“Morgues are usually located on the ship’s lowest deck, ensuring they are kept well away from passengers on their holidays.”

Sadly, there’s always the risk that a passenger could pass away on a cruise holiday, particularly on a longer voyage.

As ships could be out at sea and far away from a port, it’s essential for cruise lines to install a morgue.

Morgues on cruise ships will normally have room for three to six bodies, although it is thankfully rarely used.

Cruise ships will always have a highly trained medical team onboard to treat unwell passengers.

The ships are also able to travel quickly to port if there is a medical emergency onboard at any point.

Some ships even have helicopter pads in case passengers need to be airlifted to a hospital onland.

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