Demand for kid-free flights after 29-hrs of hell left man mocking screaming kids

Airline passengers are calling for child-free flights after a TikTok user claimed he spent a 29-hour flight listening to children scream for the whole journey.

Henry Beasley, one-half of New Zealand-based music duo Balu Brigada, took to social with footage of his ordeal, mocking the kid's screams by giving them 'reviews' based on their pitch and length.

Posted under the handle @balubrigada, the footage shows the musician's eyes twitching as he sits through the ongoing wailing. And with each scream he offers a rating in the caption – with one saying "the kid's got some lungs."

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As each screech erupts, another caption appears on the screen, with one praising the "great projection" and another joking "kettle's boiled!".

Despite having large over-ear headphones to hand, Henry keeps them around his neck for the majority of the flight.

He rounded off his line of reviews with the conclusion: "Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10".

The TikToker has yet to confirm where he was travelling from for such a long flight, but flights from New Zealand to Berlin take approximately 31 hours, with two layovers.

The dramatic video has sparked a heated debate on flying etiquette as many people are horrified by the man's ordeal, while others shared their sympathy for the child's parents.

One person wrote "Honestly there should be kid-free flights and kid flights", a comment which amassed a whopping 206,000 likes on the app.

Another said: "The rage I get just by watching [sic] this" before another joked "I rate this flight with a 0/10".

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Many people criticised the parents for choosing to fly on such a long journey with their children, with one user writing: "I’m not even angry at the kids, I’m so mad at the parents.

"How are they not able to control their own children? There are so many ways smh."

However, others felt sorry for them, with one writing "That poor mother".

Another TikTok user wrote: "I know some people don’t have the option, but I never took my babies or toddlers on flights. Ever. It’s painful for everyone".


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