Hotel staff warn guests to check bedding items that ‘aren’t washed regularly’

When checking into a hotel room, most people will usually do a quick sweep of the room to check for any dirt or issues before settling in.

While the state of the carpets and the bathrooms may be an easy check to make, hotel staff are warning people to check their beds – specifically, the extra blanket you'll often find on top of the duvet.

In fact, one anonymous hotel worker has warned guests that these "aren't washed regularly", despite what you may think.

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According to the Express, the former hotel worker shared their advice on Reddit, writing: "The top blankets aren’t washed regularly, so don’t get too intimate with them and don’t foul them up for the next person."

While bedding does get cleaned, most hotel beds have a blanket or sheet over the duvet. It's often decorative and people usually remove them from the bed before sleeping – but it's also common for people to sit on them while relaxing on the bed after a long journey.

Another hotel worker claims that although there are policies on cleaning bedding in most hotels, that doesn't mean staff follow rules to the letter.

They explained: “I used to do housekeeping at four different hotels and we were always required to change the top sheets and every piece of bedding when we cleaned the rooms.

“Problem is, hotels hire just about anyone for the housekeeping jobs and a lot of them simply didn’t care to follow the rules and would skip cleaning certain things to save time.

“They didn’t care about the job or hotel guests at all, especially the top sheets. So I always suggest removing the top sheet if you’re worried about cleanliness.

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“Also check your beds to ensure they’re clean before getting into them. If they don’t look fresh, call and request a new room or a bed change!”

It's not the first time holidaymakers have been warned to check their rooms. One travel expert previously revealed five ways to check for bed bugs when you first arrive.

This includes looking out for rust-coloured dots on the mattress. When the bugs get squashed, they release a lot of blood, especially around the seams of mattresses – which is where they tend to hide.

These spots can start to look a rusty colour the longer they have been there, so make sure that both sides of the mattress are free from any blood stains before hitting the hay.


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