Learn to Be a Real-life 'Horse Whisperer' at This Luxury Ranch Resort in Texas

Now's your chance to be a true horse whisperer — and get a taste of what life is really like on a West Texas ranch.

The luxury JL Bar Ranch, Resort & Spa in Sonora, Texas, has introduced a one-of-a-kind "Horse Psychology Experience" for both guests and locals. While going on a horseback ride is fun on its own, learning how to connect and understand your horse makes it even better.

Led by the resort's equine experts, Jon Joseph and Sydney Béïque, guests will learn about the basics of horse behavior and how to be comfortable around horses. In addition, they will learn some practical horse training techniques, the history of horses, horse body language, and herd mentality of horses so they can find a new appreciation for these magnificent animals.

Joseph and Béïque created this program out of a need to dispel certain horse-training myths and encourage guests to be more comfortable around the creatures. In order to do this, Joseph has the horses go into a round pen for some exercise, then they give the horses a signal to follow and stand next to them while interacting with guests. "During this time, the horses know it's their break to be calm, be loved on, and no need to be scared of the guests. If they leave his side and start acting crazy, they know they will have to do the round pen again," they said a statement.

The resort has eight horses, all former show horses, that guests can ride currently, as well as two that are in training and two young horses who haven't begun training yet. According to a resort representative, a horse named Chexamillion is a fan favorite among guests, namely for his calm demeanor with all kinds of visitors.

In addition to the Horse Psychology and Equine Program, guests can also go on horseback riding excursions or do a "Horse Meet & Greet" to pet and take pictures with the stunning animals. The resort is also building a new barn, which will offer guests an opportunity to help feed, brush, and learn how to take care of the horses once it is complete.

Guests can partake in the Horse Psychology program for $50 for the one-hour course. JL Bar also has 13,000 acres of property and 32 luxurious rooms to book for your next trip to The Lone Star State.

For more information about the resort's Horse Psychology program, visit the JL Bar Ranch, Resort & Spa website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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