Mantis St. Helena set to reopen in September

Mantis St. Helena, on the remote British Overseas Territory of St. Helena, is set to reopen in September, having temporarily closed operations in 2020 due to international travel restrictions.

The Mantis St. Helena occupies the original East India Company’s barracks (built in 1774), and is located in Jamestown, the island’s capital on the northwest coast. The hotel offers 24-hour concierge services and comprises 30 guestrooms, eight of which are in the restored wing of the building and the other 22 in the newly built wing. There is a cocktail bar and restaurant which serves classically inspired dishes reflecting the island’s British, Malay and Chinese cultural influences.

“There are very few undiscovered destinations left in the world, and St. Helena is one of them. This is an incredible bucket-list destination for the coming year, offering visitors an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore the island’s multifarious landscapes and sea, food and history” said Paul Gardiner, CEO of the Mantis Collection. “The hotel is in a prime location to discover the many wonders the island has to offer, and we look forward to reopening and welcoming international guests in 2022.”

Often billed as the best kept secret in the South Atlantic, St. Helena is one of the world’s most remote islands, situated above the Tropic of Capricorn almost midway between Namibia and Brazil. 

The small island (around 47 square miles) is brimming with biodiversity. The subtropical natural environment encapsulates a range of habitats and landscapes, including the pristine marine waters of the Atlantic, sheer cliffs and stark rock formations, arid red desert dotted with cacti, rolling green fields, flax-covered hillsides and a pinnacle of prehistoric cloud forest.

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