Nudist beach etiquette – no photos, embracing the nudity and lots of suncream

Nudist beaches aren’t as uncommon as you’d think in the UK – for example Brighton has a large naturist beach which is perfect for sunning it up in the heatwave.

There are plenty abroad too. In fact, Europe has one of the largest clothes optional beaches in the world – the Vera Playa Naturist zone in Spain.

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But, if you fancy feeling free and kicking off your keks there are some etiquette rules you should follow.

After all, nobody wants to make others feel uncomfortable when you’re all in your birthday suits.

Ellie Kendall from SomersetLive compiled her top tips for nudist beaches.

Check them out below…

1. Make sure you're actually on a nudist beach

Nudist beaches will be clearly signposted, so make sure you're actually on one before you start getting your kit off.

If you're not sure, look around at others on the beach, but don't let that be behind your final decision – some people may be just as clueless as you and you may all end up getting in trouble.

2. Don't keep your clothes on

Go all in. Unless of course you're in a "clothing optional" beach, in which case you can do as you please.

But really, if you've come to a nudist beach, you should embrace the nudity and release your inhibitions.

3. Don't take photos

Even taking a selfie is a bit of a risk on a nudist beach as you never know who may have stumbled into the shot.

People going to a nudist beach like their privacy, even though they're naked in front of the rest of their beach company, so be sure to keep your cameras away.

4. Prepare

Come to a nudist beach prepared as, most of the time, they are found off the beaten track. This means their amenities may be scarce, or it may be confusing to know if you can enter a place with all your bits and pieces on show.

Bring plenty of water, snacks, a towel, blanket, umbrella (if it's raining), windbreaker (if the beach allows it) and parasol, so you can stay comfortable no matter what the weather. It's also worth ensuring you have a first aid kit at the ready, just in case.

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5. No staring

Aside from the fact it's just plain rude, staring on a nudist beach is a big no-no. You're all equals and nude is the norm, so there shouldn't be anything to stare at.

If you're new to the nudist movement, just pretend that everyone's wearing clothes and you'll be fine.

6. Sunscreen is a must

Nobody wants burnt bits and at a nudist beach, more of you is exposed.

So bring sunscreen and spare your fellow beachgoers the sight, smell and sound of burning flesh.

7. Avoid BBQs

Not only have BBQs been a huge factor in the number of wildfires we have seen throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but many beaches don't allow BBQs at all.

What's more, as we mentioned before, nobody wants burnt skin while trying to enjoy their day at the beach.

8. Watch what you say

If you're a confident soul, just remember that what you say to others, especially at a nudist beach, could be taken the wrong way.

So no going up to people and commenting on how good their naked body looks – it could come across as, let's face it, a little weird.

9. Respect people's space

As you would on a normal beach, don't bother people and make sure you give them enough space.

Be aware of where you walk and who is around you – nobody wants to wake from their sunbathing to an unfortunate view of you climbing over them to get by.

10. No sex on the beach

This should be a given, but don't assume that just because you can get naked on a nudist beach you can take your relationship to that next level.

Remember that you could get into serious trouble for doing anything sexual in a public place.

11. Get dressed before you leave

You're safe in the nude while you're in the confines of your little nudist beach, but be sure to put your clothes back on before you leave, as nobody away from that little secluded spot will appreciate seeing you in your birthday suit.

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12. Don't be an exhibitionist

You're all naked and that's great, but don't be an exhibitionist.

Naturists are here to relax and enjoy time by the sea. They are certainly not here for you!

13. Safeguard your valuables

Crime can happen – even on a nudist beach. So be sure to keep your valuables safe at all times – be it asking someone to watch over them, or taking them with you when you leave your spot.

You could always buy yourself a waterproof bag so you can take your stuff into the sea with you if you fancy a swim.


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