Ryanair makes cheeky comeback to complaint over ‘missing’ seat pocket

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Budget airline Ryanair is known for offering cheap tickets for passengers. Cutting back on things such as checked-in luggage helps to keep costs low, but sometimes passengers can be left bewildered by the budget experience.

One recent Ryanair passenger took to Twitter after he was shocked to discover that the usual seat pocket was missing on his flight.

Twitter user Type1Tony wrote: “You don’t even get seat pockets in a Ryaniar flight?!” and added a laughing emoji. He accompanied the tweet with a photo of the seat in front of him, which featured safety instructions, a fold out tray – but with the usual pouch missing.

Ryanair offered a tongue-in-cheek response to the tweet, reports the Manchester Evening News. The airline jokingly suggested that the passenger should store any belongings in his own pockets instead.

“Don’t you have any pockets, Tony?!” Tweeted the airline in response.


Other Twitter users were soon in on the joke. One user, Richard, added: “You must be able to buy pockets surely as an extra?!” to which Ryanair responded: “We call them pants Richard.”

Another pointed out that it’s actually quite beneficial for passengers as they won’t leave anything behind. The user replied: “Personal items forgotten in the seat pocket: 0.”

Someone else suggested that it helps with keeping the plane clean. Izzet Akif wrote: “Makes it faster for cleaning, which means shorter ground time which means more flights per aeroplane which means cheaper flights for us all.”

While Garin Fitter implied that it’s probably a good thing Ryanair doesn’t have pockets. He wrote: “Let’s be honest people only want seat pockets so they can shove sweet wrappers in them.”

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