Spain holiday hotspots look to bring back ‘some sort’ of Covid restrictions

Holidaymakers looking to enjoy some summer sun in Spain may find a spanner in the works.

Spanish holiday hotspots could be bringing back certain Covid restrictions.

While most vaccine checks, quarantines and tests have been dropped around the world new variants could see them return, reports The Mirror.

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It’s thought that the Andalusia region will be the first to reintroduce new regulations.

The region on Spain’s southern coast includes stunning city Seville – known for its architecture and flamenco dancing.

Cadiz and Granada are also beautiful holiday spots in the area.

President of the regional government Juanna Moreno asked for "maximum precautions” around Covid-19.

He admitted that he wouldn't rule out the "adoption of preventative measures" in Andalusia and noted: "I prefer to be far-sighted."

Locals have already been urged to wear masks when inside though for now it’s down to personal choice whether this is adopted.

Juanna added that he was concerned about the millions of cases of Covid-19 in China and that some strains might overcome the protection of vaccines.

He added that Andalusia’s health committee would be meeting on January 17 so that experts can discuss the options available.

Juanna said they would "shed light on how we can address some of the aspects which are worrying us."

He added: “Prevention is better than cure and it is better to be two little steps in front rather than two little steps behind.

"I prefer to err on the side of foresight and that we go ahead with decisions in case we had some sort of incident that we hope and trust won't occur."

However, those heading to Spain should not worry about the regions ability to cope with health emergencies said the president.

He commented that Andalusia has a robust health system.

With the World Health Organisation recommending the reuse of masks indoors, Minister of Health of the Balearic Government, Patricia Gómez has urged tourists to wear masks to avoid both Covid and the flu.

Flu infections have put hospitals on high alert.

"We all know that it is in closed spaces when the virus circulates actively," she said.

"The mask is a preventive measure although at the moment there are no indications to return to a generalised mandatory use in interiors."

Currently it is mandatory to wear a mask on public transport, inside planes and at health centres and pharmacies.

Right now it is not yet known what changes will be made or which rules will affect tourists heading to Spain.

A number of airlines are already offering cheap flights to Spain – including easyJet and Ryanair.

Some low cost holidays can also be snapped up to holiday hotspots like the Costa Del Sol.


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