TikTok hack lets you bring extra hand luggage on flights using donut boxes

A duo of TikTok creators have divided opinion with their “travel hack” that claims to trick airlines into letting you bring more luggage onto the plane.

The social media users, @claireandpeter, went viral after posting a video of themselves walking around an airport.

In the clip they walked down the airport escalator, into the holding area and then onto their plane.

They both carried their one piece of allowed cabin baggage, but they also took with them two plastic bags from Doughnut brand Krispy Kreme.

In the bags were four boxes each which usually contain a dozen doughnuts, but as Claire and Peter explained this wasn’t what they used them for.

The pair added an over voice to the video which said: “Airlines don’t want you to know this travel hack.

“If you pack in Krispy Kreme donut boxes you can have up to four carry ons for free.”

While their caption noted: “Ryanair is punching air rn.”

It looks like that the trick relies upon the fact that holidaymakers can take as much luggage as they like through security as allowances vary by ticket, airline and flight class.

Plus, passengers on planes can buy food and gifts in the airport shops which are then allowed onto flights as extra baggage and are not charged as an extra like further handbags or backpacks would be.

So, if you pack extra luggage into Krispy Kreme boxes you may be able to sneak extra clothes onto the plane without paying an extra baggage fee.

A massive 126,500 people liked the video and almost 1,000 shared it.

In the comments, a poster clarified: “Just make a box that looks like that and you can put clothes in it or whatever lol they don't have to know there's no donuts in there.”

Someone else argued with the hack and said: “You don’t get four free carry on. They make announcements while sitting at the gate area also when you check in.

“You’re allowed one personal item and one carry on.”

To which someone else replied: “Along with anything purchased in the airport.

“This is implying that the airport has a Krispy Kreme.”

Some posters were obsessed with the “lifesaving” hack.

A fan wrote: “I saw this many times leaving Maui, boxes and boxes of krispy kreme.”

While another added: “Lifesaving hack!!! TYSM!!!”

However, others weren’t so happy with the trick.

One person noted: “My god. Please don’t do this. I already feel like I can’t find overhead space.”

While another said: “Lifesaving hack!!! TYSM!!”

And, some people confirmed that the method would work.

One woman wrote: “I can confirm this, my sister was on a plane headed to England and a guy brought two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the plane lol.”

Another frequent flier added her clever way to bypass the baggage rules.

He noted: “You can also buy the duty free bags, for 20p and take up to 2 on a flight and fit entire backpack in each.”

Would you ever risk it and try this hack? Tell us in the comments…

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