£6million Jihadi jails will be built to stop radicalisation in British prisons

Jihadi jails will be built in a £6million bid to stop radicalisation behind bars.

Three new “separation centres” will keep influential “radicalisers” away from the rest of the prison population, under new Government plans.

A specialist group will pick out those considered the most violent and dangerous inmates who will then be moved to the units.

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said: “The threat from terrorism is evolving, so our response must adapt.

“We are not allowing cultural and religious sensitivities to deter us from nipping in the bud early signs of terrorist risk.

“We will isolate radical terrorists in separation centres.”

A Government spokesman added: “The most i­nfluential and charismatic terrorists will be kept completely separate from the prison population.”

At the end of April, the Government published a report by Jonathan Hall QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation into terrorism in prisons. It made a number of recommendations, saying that things needed to get stricter.

As a result the Government are passing a Bill of Rights to limit terrorists’ ability to bring “trivial claims” against their treatment under the Human Rights Act.

An insider added: “The Government can no longer do nothing about it. The radicalisation of young, mainly men, inmates is at an all-time high.”

This comes after prison staff were banned from calling prisoners “residents” or describing cells as “rooms”.

Raab is said to believe “wishy-washy, politically correct” phrasing is damaging public confidence.

A style guide has been issued to all Ministry of Justice (MoJ), prison and probation employees, and private jail contractors to clarify what terms are appropriate.

Staff have been told not to refer to “service-users” or “clients”, instead of being urged to call them prisoners or offenders.

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