A Cocktail Shaker Made from American Stainless Steel

This Boston cocktail shaker, made in the U.S., is the first product from a new barware company, C&D Tools.

By Florence Fabricant

The classic Boston shaker for cocktails consists of two metal cans, one larger than the other, that fit together so you can vigorously shake and mix the ingredients inside with ice. A new company, C&D Tools, which was started by two American diplomats, Kris Forrest and Rebecca Beardsley, has introduced a shaker made from American stainless steel. The material is very substantial, adding heft to the shaking process for more heavy-duty mixing. “The barware we use in America is not made in America,” Ms. Forrest said. “We hope to change that.” The shaker is costlier than most but it should last a long time. The company, which sells only American-made bar gear, does not sell a strainer for the shaker, but one is in the works.

C&D Tools, Boston Shaker, $135, cdtoolsusa.com.

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