AEWs Britt Baker on womens division overcoming trial and error beginning

AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker has heralded the rise of the company’s women’s division – saying they’ve succeeded through ‘trial and error.’

Baker reigns supreme at the top of the AEW mountain at a time where she and the likes of Nyla Rose, Tay Conti and Thunder Rosa are all flourishing in front of huge audiences.

However, there is arguably no story that better mirrors the journey of All Elite Wrestling itself than that of its women’s roster.

Tony Khan’s popular wrestling company is less than three years old but has stormed to success with television figures regularly in excess of 1 million each week.

But while the likes of WWE and its stars have been able to hone their skills at the famed Performance Center and via its various developmental arms, many in AEW have had to learn on the fly.

Baker fully admits she was one such case, conceding she had ‘no idea’ what she was doing when she was thrust into the spotlight of the rapidly rising All Elite Wrestling.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, the 30-year-old said she has all the love in the world for her counterparts in WWE’s NXT division, for instance, but clearly wanted due credit for the progress AEW’s women’s roster has made.

“I love the NXT women’s division and am friends with so many of those girls,” she said. “But they have a Performance Center. My Performance Center was AEW Dynamite, live on Wednesday nights.

“I was learning as we go… you train in the ring, you cut promos and practice as much as you can, but I don’t have a wrestling ring in my back yard, a television set-up or a hard cam to pan to.

“So, a lot of what you see on tv was just trial and error because, again, we don’t have that Performance Center.

“I think that’s why fans have taken a liking to me because they’ve been along for the ride with me since day one when I clearly didn’t know what I was doing!

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“Now I humbly dub myself one of the faces of the whole company, and that has been a very challenging yet rewarding growth process.”

At its outset, AEW’s women struggled for the level of consistency in performance that they now enjoy, and so praise from fans wasn’t necessarily universal.

Baker hailed the role of Khan in keeping heads held high, though, stressing that his support played a major role in their transformation.

“I would say that our women’s division was the least experienced with television wrestling,” she said of AEW’s start.

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“I came in and was pushed as one of the top girls [but] I’d never wrestled a match on live TV, I had no idea what a hard cam was and had never cut a live promo.

“That really speaks to the support we had backstage and the mentors we had helping us. Tony Khan, from day one, saw something in me and never gave up on me.

“When you hear that from your boss… you can’t help but believe in yourself, and I attribute all my success as a heel to him having really good faith in me.”

Britt Baker defends her AEW Women’s World Championship against Nyla Rose at Fyter Fest Night Two on Wednesday, 21 July. For details on how to watch, visit

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