Amazed woman snaps incredible photo of brazen shark stalking waters in UK city

A stunned woman couldn’t believe her eyes after she spotted a shark casually swimming along waters near the centre of a busy Brit city.

Sam Booth and her son James were out for a stroll along the Plymouth Barbican waters yesterday (April 23) when they captured incredible photos of the rare animal.

A spectacular picture shows its distinctive fin poking up through the water with the long, narrow creature’s white speckles clearly visible.

Sam described the unusual sight as "cool" but couldn’t say for sure what species it was.

An experienced fisherman in the area told Plymouth Live it looked like a smooth hound shark.

The expert said: "I've fished the harbour for 16 years and I've not seen one caught in there before, so it's not common.

“They tend to stay up on the surface for a while before they go back under properly.”

Others in the area captured photos and videos too and took to social media to share the experience.

They debated what species the shark was from and one person joked it had "escaped" from the National Marine Aquarium.

Another added: “Beautiful harmless shark! Very small native species. Was lovely to see on my walk to work.”

Smooth hound sharks can grow up to four feet long and are most common in the south and west of England, although experts say their range is expanding.

Although they are not known for attacking humans, not all sharks based in the UK are as safe.

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The Spurdog shark, which has been known to lurk in the River Thames, has venom in its spine that can cause serious harm to humans.

It has a pointed snout, large eyes, a streamlined body and is a greyish-brown colour on top, with a lighter belly, and rows of white spots down its sides.

It’s one of very few venomous fish found in UK waters, along with the Stingray and Weever fish.

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