Angry mum says Christmas ‘ruined’ by mouldy Cheestrings in Tesco delivery

A angry mother has claimed that her Christmas has been “ruined” after a packet of Cheestrings "covered in mould" that she planned to use for a festive cheeseboard.

The anonymous mum, who is from Plymouth, Devon, ordered the cheesy favourite from Tesco as part of her online delivery this week.

But the woman was shocked to find that the inside of the packet of individually wrapped snacking cheese sticks appeared to have black mould in it, despite it having a best before date of March 30, 2022.

The woman told Devon Live: “Our Christmas cheese platter has been ruined by these mouldy Cheestrings.

“The kids are devastated – The only way to get dairy into them is in Cheestrings and now they won't eat them because they are mouldy.

“Thankfully they didn't eat them! I can't get to Tesco to pick up a replacement and I had ordered it as a delivery.

“The kids are gutted.”

The raging mum says that she contacted Tesco using an online complaints form, but only got an automated email in response.

The email said: “Hello, thanks for getting in touch. This email address is not monitored, and we will not be able to reply to your email.

“You can find answers and guidance to all of our most commonly asked questions on our FAQ Page.”

The Daily Star has contacted Tesco for a comment.

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In terms of nutritional value of Cheestrings, according to Tesco's own website, the famous yellow snacking cheese stick is an unripened cheese, “rich in calcium for healthy bones”.

Each individual stick contains 20% of of your daily recommended allowance of calcium and 25% of your vitamin D allowance.

Combined, vitamins D and C are needed for the normal growth and development of bones in children.

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