Armed police arrest two people in dramatic incident in central Wellington

A Wellington resident has recalled the dramatic moment a man with his hands up was taken into custody by armed police.

Police officers with guns apprehended two men in central Wellington this evening following reports of gunshots in Trentham.

Ryan Holloway who lives on the 15th floor in a nearby Wellington CBD building told the Herald he noticed police cars and heard sirens around 5.30pm.

Holloway saw one man get out of a car while a second sat in the passenger seat as police swarmed in on the car. He saw one man raise his hands and slowly come out of the car.

“The first person out was the driver, he had a bag of some kind that he sat on the ground and he was giving himself up.

“I could see the police were hiding behind their doors with their guns drawn,” he said.

Holloway said he saw the two men “giving themselves up” to police.

After the men were taken away from the scene, Holloway said police searched the car.

In a statement, a police spokesperson said a vehicle was stopped on Victoria St in Wellington’s CBD in relation to the incident.

The spokesperson said police were notified of shots being heard on Ruahine St in Trentham just after 5pm.

Armed officers took the men into custody after the car was pulled over.

The spokesperson said there were no reported injuries.

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